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Best Commuting Tips For Urban Scooters

You already know we love using a commuter kick scooter for our daily trek to work, but what happens when the leaves start to change and the weather starts to cool off? The more timid among you may decide it’s a good time to start driving or taking public transportation, but real die-hard urban scooter fans are undaunted. Cities can be a pain when it comes to commuting, but using urban scooters can be practical and fun. We know autumn doesn’t seem like a great time to ride kick scooters, but we have a few tricks that will help make your scooter commute a whole lot easier!

Here are our commuting tips for urban scooters!

Get some gloves

Gloves for cold weather scooter ridingIt might not seem cold enough for gloves yet, but remember you’ll be in the breeze as you zip along and you can’t put your hands in your pockets because you’ll need them to steer! When your hands are on the handlebars they can get pretty chilly, and if you start to lose circulation, they’ll even get stiff, which is bad news when you need to hit the brakes in a hurry. Even on a nice fall day, you’ll be surprised how fast your fingers get chilly when you’re zipping down the street, that’s why gloves are a must-have for an urban scooter commute.

Wear Layers

Wear multiple layersAgain it might seem warm, but layers are important when you’re commuting on urban scooters. For starters, the breeze will squeeze right through the zipper on the front of your sweatshirt or jackets. More importantly, you’ll find the layers are even more useful once you get to the office because your metabolism will be up from all the exercise, so it’ll be important to have layers to take off or you’ll be sweating behind your desk. This is an even bigger concern for an electric scooter commuter, since you’ll be going even faster than your kick scooter counterparts.

Watch out for big piles of leaves

Watch out for piles of leavesWhen I think of fall one of the first things I think of is fallen leaves. The trees changing color and the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot is one of the best parts of fall, but you have to watch out for it when you’re riding a scooter. If you’ve ever thought it might be fun to ride your scooter (or bike for that matter) through a pile of leaves, you’ll know what I mean. If you try to hit your brakes you’ll keep right on going as your wheels slide on those slippery leaves! This, in a city, is something to watch out for on even the safest urban kick scooter.

Enjoy the weather!

Central Park in the autumnEven though our first two tips were warning you about the weather, if you’re well prepared you’ll find that the weather is actually the best part of your fall commute. Cities tend to get very humid during the summer. No more arriving at the office all hot and sweating from the summer sun beating down on you during your trip. Fall weather is crisp and refreshing and that’s the best part of a fall scooter commute!

Fall shouldn’t mean the end to your urban scooters. Riding a kick scooter in the city is a lot of fun and a great way to commute for work. Just because it’s getting a little colder doesn’t mean your commute has to change. Follow our tips and keep on enjoying your urban kick scooters. If you have any tips on commuting in the fall, share them with us!

Photo Credits: www.rsa-shop.co.uk, www.simplynewyork.org, www.biketoworkblog.com, finance.yahoo.com