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Xootr Blog

Kick Scooter Power: How Much Do You Need?

I’ve seen scooters and cycles claiming 200 Watts and 18 mph top speed and others claiming 400 Watts and 12 mph top speed. How much power does it actually take to move a person around on a scooter or cycle? Bicycles, scooters, and even automobiles are all governed by the same fundamental power requirements. At … [Read more…]

Bike commuting tips for Fall

Now that summer has come to an end, it’s time to welcome autumn with open arms. However, this also begins a countdown to winter, which everyone in the northern part of the country identifies as “the staying inside season”. One of the worst things about this snowy season is the fact that riding your bike … [Read more…]

The Back to School Accessories You Need!

There is nothing worse than heading back to school after a delightful summer of sun, fun, and being lazy. Getting up to catch the bus is depressing, and trudging from class to class is downright heartbreaking. Whether you’re in high school, college, or grad school the thought of commuting from one place to another is … [Read more…]

Creative Ways to Combat-Bike Theft

Every day we see more and more articles about bike thefts happening across the country. People are having a harder time than ever keeping their bikes, scooters, or other modes of transportation safe. What can be done? If bike theft continues to be a problem, people will soon give up their easy way of commuting and … [Read more…]

Xootr Kick Scooter spotted in New York Fashion Video!

We just love seeing people riding our Xootr scooter. We love it even more when it gets featured in a style video! The legendary New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham took to the streets of New York to discover fashion on wheels. He noticed an abundance of people on bicycles on their way to … [Read more…]

“Scandal” stars have some fun with Xootr Scooters

Everyone loves “Scandal”. But when Olivia Pope’s team isn’t busy covering up political crisis’, how do the actors take some time to unwind during a shoot? Stars Katie Lowes, Tony Goldwyn and Guillermo Díaz took a break from the on-screen drama to have some fun on some Xootr Scooters! Xootr scooters have invaded the set … [Read more…]

Xootr Tutor: Trusting Adult Kick Scooter Reviews


There are many different adult kick scooters these days. It seems like every brand, now noticing the growth in popularity of adult kick scooters, have developed their own versions for the public. What comes next are countless kick scooter reviews about the products, from the developers themselves to distribution centers to blog writers. Now when … [Read more…]

Scootercise – Exercising With Kick Scooters?

A new wave of interest in kick scooters has arisen thanks to the new workout method being dubbed “Scootercise”. Personal trainer Mari-Anne Elder created an exercise program called Scootercise after partnering with the kick scooter brand Micro Scooters. She began classes in Sussex and is looking to expand them nationally. She promotes that riding a … [Read more…]

Why are Xootrs the Best? Our Kick Scooter Parts!

In a market flooded with low-quality, less expensive scooters, we often get asked the question, “Why should I buy a Xootr?” We recognize that it is not enough to simply respond “Because Xootr is the highest quality kick scooter on the market.” Now, we could point you to several of our endorsements, such as when … [Read more…]