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The Advantages of a Folding Bike in the City

As the number of folding bikes you see on the street increases you may have already asked yourself, why do people commute via folding bike? Is there any real advantage? In an urban environment, commuting by bike often proves to be quicker, easier and better for you!

But why choose the unorthodox, head-turning profile of a folding bike?

Folding bike on California commuter trainIf you live in a city, you probably don’t have unlimited space in your apartment. Even a full sized bike can take up much needed room or awkwardly lean against a wall in a hallway or living room. Many people can’t afford to give up any more space in their lives, but a folding bike can be easily stored in a closet or under a table completely out of sight! Broken down in a few moments, you can have your bike tucked away, leaving only yourself and those impulsive purchases you still haven’t used to blame for your messy apartment.

While you may find taking the subway or bus stressful or unpredictable, sometimes taking public transportation is unavoidable. A flat tire, broken part or bad weather happens, and where a full sized bike can often make you a nuisance to other commuters on the bus or subway, a folding bike easily breaks down to be compact and out of the way of others. While you may have already chosen to ride your bike in order to avoid public transportation, a folding bike makes riding the bus or catching a train easy if you need it.

A folding bike gives you piece of mind!

If you have ever ridden your bike to work you know the process of ensuring your bike is safely locked. You may have experienced the feeling of coming out of your office and hoping your bike has survived the day. Experienced bike thieves force you go to great lengths in ensuring every part of your bike is safe. With a folding bike, you don’t even need a lock! Ride your bike right past your co-workers who struggle with two U-locks or an unwieldy chain as you take your bike inside and fold it under your desk or in an office closet. From the moment you step out your door in the morning to your return in the evening, your folding bike will rarely leave your sight.

Overall, a folding bike gives you the most versatile and simple option for transportation. Put that heavy, rusty road bike your mother gave to you when you were seventeen on Craigslist and find an affordable folding bike that will allow you to quickly commute to work without the hassle.