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A Tale of Two Kick Scooters – the Xootr Mg vs. the Xootr Roma

People come in all different shapes and sizes and lead a variety of different lives, so they have different needs. Each person has their own tastes and preferences when choosing a car, house or any other purchase, so it follows that the same would hold true for choosing the perfect scooter. This article will profile two of Xootr’s most popular kick scooters, the Mg and the Roma in the hopes of guiding the individual in choosing the right kick scooter for them.

Xootr Mg vs. the Xootr Roma

First, it is important to establish what these two kick scooters have in common. For starters, though they look very different, both kick scooters feature a sleek, modern look courtesy of Lunar Design. Both kick scooters will also offer you a smooth, easy ride, as they are mounted on low-resistance polyurethane tires. Finally, the Xootr Mg and the Xootr Roma posses patented folding design, making both highly portable and efficiently stored.

Xootr Mg kick scooterThe Xootr Mg does, however, offer several unique features. This kick scooter gets its name from its one hundred percent magnesium deck, allowing for a lightweight product that looks very sharp as well. In addition to this making the kick scooter faster, it also makes it an easier load to carry when folded. The Xootr Mg also enjoys the lowest deck of all Xootr kick scooters, creating a much more efficient transfer of kicking power to speed. The Xootr Mg comes in black with raised “dots” on the deck to increase traction on the deck.

Xootr Roma kick scooterThe Xootr Roma also brings some distinct advantages to the table. The first thing to notice about the Xootr Roma is that it has the smallest metal deck in Xootr’s line of kick scooters. This ensures that it is one of the lightest model Xootr makes, but also the most space efficient. Perfect for those with small offices and apartments, or anyone who commutes using crowded public transportation, the Xootr Roma occupies less area than other models. The narrow deck also allows the kicking foot to plant closer to the centerline of the kick scooter, improving kicking technique. Last, but not least, this kick scooter is made from a solid block of 6061 aluminum, making it a durable, tough ride. With a higher price tag, this kick scooter is slightly more expensive than the Xootr Mg, though still a great value.

The bottom line is that these two Xootr kick scooters are both built to look good and perform well.

That being said, understanding the subtle differences can allow customers to get the most utility for their dollar. The first step in deciding which scooter is for you is an aesthetic one. Does the customer prefer the modern, colored look of the Xootr Mg? Or is the narrow, simple design of the Xootr Roma more appealing? The second step is to think about special restrictions. If you are someone who needs to bring your scooter onto a crowded bus or train, the Xootr Roma might be a better choice, as its narrow deck makes it easier to carry and store. Aside from these variables, there are other differentiating factors, such as color, material and durability, but no matter which Xootr product you purchase, rest assured that you are getting a very high quality kick scooter.