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5 Reasons You Should Try Cycling Tourism

Ever wanted to try cycling tourism? There are a lot of reasons why you should indulge,

Why you should try cycling tourism!

It’s Active

How many of us fear gaining weight when we travel? Between the extra meals at restaurants, drinks and generally being in ‘relaxation mode’ it is easy to pack on a couple of​ pounds during your vacation. However, incorporating cycling into your travel plans is an easy, fun way to exercise while traveling. Most times on the road, there is limited access to exercise facilities, so it can be easy to ignore fitness goals. Renting a bike in a new city is a way to become more active in your daily life.

It’s Cheap

Now, renting a bike is certainly not free. However, when you stack the cost of renting against that of taxis, public transportation or buses, it makes fiscal sense to pedal. We all know how quickly wallets can become empty when on vacation, so save a couple of bucks and rent a bike. In cities with strong biking culture, many hotels offer this service.

It Shows You the City

One of the fastest ways to get to know a new city is to travel via bicycle. Unlike public transportation or taxis, this method of transportation requires a degree of navigation, thus forcing you to figure out the landscape. It is generally not a difficult thing to do, but finding your way around requires a more intimate relationship with wherever you may find yourself. Unlike walking, which also requires navigation, a bike allows you to cover more ground, thus exposing you to more of your city.

It’s Fun

This is perhaps the most important benefit of using a bike on vacation. Why walk around for hours, sit on crowded public transportation, or pay for a taxi, when you can simply rent a bike and have a pleasant experience going from location to location? Traveling with children? Even better! Few demographics enjoy riding a bike more than kids.

It’s Part of the Culture

In many foreign cities, cycling is a way of life. For example, you have not truly toured Copenhagen and had a Danish experience until you have pedaled the streets. Part of traveling is about cultural immersion, so if you are visiting a city with a strong culture of biking, then you should bike! Don’t be a tourist in a Hawaiian shirt with a camera around your neck waiting for a taxi. Be a tourist in a Hawaiian shirt with a camera around your neck riding a bike!