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5 Fun, Family-Friendly Folding Bike Adventures

Spring is nearly here which means it’s time to get out there and get active, and what better way to go on a family adventure than a bicycle tour. America is full of bike-friendly cities and scenic country trails, perfect for going on family bike rides or planning an entire vacation around. Traveling on folding bikes lets you combine different modes of transportation, allowing you to go farther and see more than if you were on a standard bicycle.

Two folding bike enthusiasts even coined the phrase ‘hitch-biking,’ to describe their folding bike tour experience that took them the entire length of Africa. Now we’re not saying to grab your family and bikes and head overseas, we’re just pointing out that folding bikes can do everything that standard bikes can, but better!

The best bike-friendly cities and activities

San Antonio, TX.

Bike parked along Mission Reach trailNot only does San Antonio offer a huge variety of wildlife, historical architecture, scenic views from the River Walk, art centers and craft breweries – the city recently introduced a bike-sharing program, making it even easier to pick up and go. You can pay the $10 daily rental fee at any of the B-share stations, or use your own folding bike for free. The Blue Star Contemporary Art Center and Blue Star Brewing Company mark the beginning of the city’s best bicycle ride: the 10-mile Mission Reach trail. If you’re biking with young children you’ve got to stop at the art center and check out some of the lazy turtles and families of ducks along the San Antonio River.

Take a Bike Tour

A group on a bike tourGuided and self-guided bicycle tours are growing in popularity across the world. One of the cool things about going on a bike tour is that you can plan an entire trip around it, or you can find one to participate in when you’re already on vacation. The only thing you do need to have in advance is your folding bike and members of your family. Bike Tours is one of the leading bike tour companies, representing more than 130 bicycle tour operators worldwide. Guided family bike tours are a great mix of structure and freedom, offering planned meals and a group riding setting. Self-guided family bike tours allow a little more freedom and flexibility as far as daily schedules go. Plus, if you’re on a self-guided tour with your folding bike and want to explore an area that’s off the beaten path you’re able to, no problem. Both guided and self-guided options make for a unique and memorable family experience. Some tours have dedicated bike trails built just for bicycle traffic, some are combined with non-cycling activities and boat cruise components, while others are based around one hotel so you don’t have to pack up the whole family each day. Learn more about BikeTours.com’s family-friendly excursions.

New York City

Protected bike land in QueensBelieve it or not, New York City has been ranked as one of the country’s most bicycle-friendly cities for a few years, but it’s the Queens to Oceanside route that puts the Big Apple on our list. Enjoy a tour of the diverse neighborhoods and scenery as you head out from the Brooklyn Bridge to Rockaway Beach in Queens before taking the Flatbush Ave. Bike Path north to Oceanside.

Portland, OR.

Biking along the Portland loopThe West Coast is chock full of amazing scenery and quaint cities to explore, so it’s no surprise that most of the “best cities to bicycle in,” are located in California, Oregon and Washington. The 41.5-mile Portland Loop is no exception, though you won’t want to take young children on it since it’s so long and has a couple of areas where you’ll have to ride alongside traffic. If you’re up for the roughly 4-hour trip that winds along the Columbia River and through the foothills of Mt. Hood, make sure to stop and fuel up at one of the many bike-centric food card superpods in Cartlandia.

Don’t get upset if we didn’t mention your favorite cycling city, there are almost too many to count. The thing to remember is that there are plenty of awesome places you can go with your family to get a little exercise and spend quality time together, so get out there and start exploring your community today.

Resources to help plan your next family bike trip:
Totcycle, an all-inclusive family biking resource.
EveryTrail.com for finding, planning and sharing trips.