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Xootr Blog

Winter Storage Tips

You don’t have to live in a small apartment or tiny house to appreciate the compact design and easy fold-ability of a Xootr or Swift, just like you don’t have to have a garage to keep it in. Urban environments present unique storage challenges, and when it’s winter you’ve got even fewer options. Below are … [Read more…]

The Six Commandments of Winter Bike Theft Prevention

bike theft prevention

We’re going to talk about something a little more serious than usual today: stolen bikes and how to prevent your bike from getting stolen. According to a few recent studies, surveys and FBI statistics, year-round cyclists are 90% more likely to have their bikes stolen than seasonal or occasional cyclists. Additionally, there are just over … [Read more…]

Cold Weather Care Guide

Despite being thoroughly treated to prevent oxidation, with prolonged exposure to ice, salt, and other watery conditions, the metal components of your bike or scooter can prematurely wear and break. No problem, you’re careful to wipe it down after getting caught in a rainstorm and you never use harsh cleaners on it. When cold weather … [Read more…]

So You Got a Xootr for Xmas, Now What?


It may be January, but if you got a new Xootr (pronounced zoo-ter) kick scooter for Xmas and are itching to get out and get moving, we’re right there with ya! You don’t have to wait for the spring thaw to get to know your new toy, you can start playing around and practicing right … [Read more…]