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Xootr Blog

Optimizing Your Swift – Our Favorite Folding Bike Parts


Though we only sell the Xootr Swift in one configuration, a setup that the majority of riders really enjoy, we also recognize that many of our customers enjoy modifying and improving their bike. For this reason, we have made a conscious effort to ensure our folding bike parts conform to industry standards. This allows our … [Read more…]

The Swift – A Great Hybrid Bike that Happens to Fold

Polished Xootr Swift

The Xootr Swift folding bike folds using our quick fold technology, it uses a smaller wheel, and it looks a little different. With these differences present, we often get asked if the Swift feels strange to ride. We believe that any new bike is going to have an adjustment period, but ultimately the Swift’s ride … [Read more…]

The Xootr Kick Scooter Lineup

We at Xootr work every day to bring our customers the highest level of quality found in a kick scooter. Each of our kick scooters represents our commitment to durability, sleek design, and uncompromising performance. Though these elements can be found in all of our models, there are still unique qualities in every style of … [Read more…]

Xootr as a Kids Kick Scooter

Xootrs are great kids kick scooters. Though our scooters are designed to handle the weight of a full grown adult, they work equally well for kids and teenagers. As a kids kick scooter, Xootr represents a durable, safe option. Where other kids kick scooters might not stand up to the rigors that young riders put … [Read more…]

Why are Xootrs the Best? Our Kick Scooter Parts!

In a market flooded with low-quality, less expensive scooters, we often get asked the question, “Why should I buy a Xootr?” We recognize that it is not enough to simply respond “Because Xootr is the highest quality kick scooter on the market.” Now, we could point you to several of our endorsements, such as when … [Read more…]