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Xootr Blog

Why You Need to Own a Swift Folding Bike


This article is directed at all the urban citizens making the tragic mistake of owning a traditional, non-folding bicycle. There have been many improvements made to bike design since the early 1800s when bicycling as we know it became popular in Europe and the United States, yet the advent of the folding bike may be … [Read more…]

Xootr Roma Featured in the Wall Street Journal


Check out this awesome video by Michael Hsu over at the Wall Street Journal! In it, he reviews several adult kick scooters, including our very own extremely popular Xootr Roma scooter. See what Michael had to say about the Xootr Roma in the full article below the video! Read the full article over at the … [Read more…]

Xootr Scooters – Built for Life


People who choose Xootr scooters do so because they want a scooter that delivers a smooth ride, a clean look, and a high quality riding experience. Without knowing it, they have chosen a scooter that is not only built to last, but grow with its rider. Xootr scooters are made with industrially strong aluminum ensuring … [Read more…]