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2015 Holiday Gifts for Commuters

As 2015 comes to end, the time has come to go shopping for friends and family. If you’re like us, finding the right gift for your friend or family member can be difficult. Great gift ideas come from knowing the type of person you’re buying for. When it comes to us, a similar interest we find in our friends and family is commuting. Whether for work, exercise or fun, commuting can be a big part of a person’s life. So we decided to come up with commuter gifts that could make traveling easier and more fun. If you know someone who commutes, give them a gift they actually need!

2015 Holiday Gifts for Commuters

Thousand Helmets

Navy blue Heritage Collection helmet from Thousand HelmetsWhat’s more important than your friends safety? Whether you’re buying for a child or adult, helmets are a necessity when riding a bike or kick scooter. Our choice for helmets this year is from Thousand Helmets. The innovatively designed protective gear is perfect for any urban rider. With 7 air vents, vegan leather straps and a magnetic buckle, the Thousand Helmet gives you a vintage look while providing a comfortable fit.

Messenger Bag

Trek's Bontrager's Pannier Pro bagDragging all of one’s belongings on a commute can be a troublesome experience. A nice messenger bag can be the solution many commuters are looking for. Not a backpack, but more than a brief case. A great gift for a commuter would be the Bontrager’s Pannier Pro. This double pannier set evenly distributes weight giving a commute more room while still looking sleek. Easily carry folders, a laptop and more for a pleasant commute. The Bontrager’s Pannier also comes with a removable strap and reflective strip for optimal convenience and safety.

Bike Tool Roll

EH Works tool rollCommuters always face the unpredictable challenge of breaking down during their trip. Whether it be a bike or a kick scooter, a faulty wheel or broken piece on their transportation can result in being late or worse being injured. Gifts for commuters don’t necessarily need to be something added to the bike or scooter. A Bike Tool Role from EH Works gives the rider the tools they will need in case of a break down. These rolls are water-resistant and compact, giving your commuter friend a practical and stylish way to be prepared.

Commuter Jacket

Herne Hill Harrington jacket by LUMOSometimes light attachments aren’t enough for a commuter. At the same time, no one wants to wear bright neon clothing all the time to get noticed. Luckily, LUMO has designed a jacket that looks sleek while providing rider visibility from 14×4 Lumen lights on the front and back of the garment. With a high and low pulse setting and rechargeable USB cord, this waterproof jacket is a perfect and stylish way to grab other riders’ attention. Our favorite is the Herne Hill Harrington!

New Thermos

S'well thermos bottleWhether your friend who commutes drink coffee, tea, water or juice, a nice thermos is a great gift idea. A good thermos keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for the majority of the day. Our pick is for the S’well thermos. This stainless steel thermos keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. The S’well comes in 3 sizes and multiple colors, and fits into any standard cup holder. They are eco-friendly and can even be customized! A wonderful commuter gift to keep your friend hydrated.

If you have a friend that commutes, get them a gift they can use. Commuting can be really rough, so anything that helps make the trip easier will be appreciated. There are plenty more gifts for commuters available today. What commuter accessory do you think would make the perfect gift? Make sure you checkout the kick scooter accessories the we offer.