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Xootr Blog

The Rise of the Folding Bike

Welcome to Philadelphia, a steadily growing city filled with creative, aspiring young people trying to make something of themselves. Construction marks the city’s perimeters, a harbinger of exciting new business and residential opportunities to come. With the expansion of the city and its young and motivated population comes a need for easy and reliable transportation. … [Read more…]

Why Kick Scooters are Perfect for the Entire Family


Each of us has our own unique relationship with our family – for better or for worse. With these special relationships come various practices and means of interaction through which families grow together and enjoy each other’s company. With that said, despite the fact that each family is unique, there are commonalities amongst the ways … [Read more…]

Xootrs in Iberia

Before starting our ten week trip to Spain and Portugal with our new Xootr bikes, we suffered serious anxiety over getting the bikes onto the airplane without paying for oversized luggage or a bike box. Second, only to the airline concern was our worry over whether we would be able to use the bikes while … [Read more…]

Lessons from Europe: How the United States can improve its cycling culture.

With the recent negotiations in Europe to establish the 2030 greenhouse gas reductions and commitment to renewable energy, the continent has placed itself at the forefront of the battle against climate change. The proposed 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and 27% growth in renewable energy have the potential to make a dramatic impact on … [Read more…]