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Xootr Blog

Meet Billie, Episode Two – the Kick Scooter Comic!

It’s the second episode of our favorite Meet Billie kick scooter comics! In going through some old files, we found a series of cartoons drawn by Christophe Koch, formerly of Lunar Design, now at Plantronics. There are eight episodes that we put out in our newsletter in 2001. (Christophe is francophone, and you’ll see he … [Read more…]

How to Fix a Folding Bike Chain

First, let me note that there is actually nothing special about fixing a folding bike chain. It’s the same as fixing a chain on any bike. As far as I know, there are few if any folding bicycles with special chains. Folding bike chain philosophy My philosophy is that you should replace your chain once … [Read more…]

What Makes a Good Folding Bike Lock?

Using a Folding Bike Lock

Choosing a good folding bike lock An experienced thief, equipped with the proper tools, can make away with your bike while you’re sitting in class, presenting at a meeting or even just picking up a sandwich. While a cordless angle driver will allow a thief to cut through almost any material, there are ways to … [Read more…]

Reasons to Use a Commuter Scooter!

Everyone should be using a commuter scooter! Find out why below. Reasons to use a commuter scooter! You’ll get more sleep! Scooters are fast! When you hop on board a kick scooter, properly equipped with helmet and elbow pads, of course, you gain the ability to travel at high speeds. This means you can hit … [Read more…]