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About Us

Xootr scooters are proudly built and sold by the folks at Xootr LLC. The members of the Xootr team have created products for dozens of great companies including Apple Computer, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola. We now focus our energies on designing and manufacturing fun, socially and environmentally friendly products for our own company. Unlike some businesses out there, Xootr actually designs and manufactures the products it sells. There's no smoke and mirrors here, just a desire to provide the best possible products and service.

The roots of Xootr go back to 1999, when Karl Ulrich, Nathan Ulrich, and Tom Miner (along with partners Lunar Design and Cheskin Research, and several other investors) founded Nova Cruz Products. Nova Cruz designed, manufactured and sold the Xootr kick scooter, the Xootr eX3 electric scooter, and the Voloci electric motorbike. Each of these products led the industry, redefining the categories in which they competed.

Nova Cruz team sometime in 2000 The crew at Nova Cruz Products sometime in 2000

In 2003, the owners and financiers of Nova Cruz sold the business. Fortunately, Karl, Nathan, and Tom were able to buy the original kick-scooter business from the company's investors and organized it as Xootr LLC. Thanks to Xootr's loyal customers and amazing employees, the new company has grown profitably ever since its formation. The Xootr scooter continues to be unrivaled as super light, compact urban transport.

In 2004, we at Xootr were seeking ways to expand our business and began exploring the bicycle category. The Xootr team has always been passionate about cycling and although the industry appeared to be quite stagnant, we saw a substantial opportunity for a new category of bicycle, a bike that would:

  1. provide excellent performance...a no compromise ride.
  2. fold into a reasonably compact configuration in less than 10 seconds.
  3. pack into a suitcase for air travel (with say 15 minutes of effort).

We believed that a no-compromise, go-anywhere bike would be possible if built around the emerging 406mm wheel standard.

After a chance encounter, Xootr joined forces with Peter Reich, the Brooklyn-based inventor of the Swift Folder to create the current Xootr Swift. The Swift is the result of more than a decade of refinement in the crucible of the New York City cycling environment. Together, we are able to deliver an elegant, high-performance product at a price that provides tremendous value to the customer.

One of our founders (Karl) is a professor and he and his colleagues use the Xootr scooter as an example in some of their courses. We provide this factory tour to support these teaching activities. This is a description of the original Xootr manufacturing process, reflecting the operations in c2001. The supply network today is a bit more complex, but the basic design and manufacturing of the scooter have not changed much since then.