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Which model is for me?

Composite of the Xootr Cruz Ultra deployed and folded
. First of all, understand that Xootr scooters in general are the best portable kick scooters on the planet. The Ultra Cruz model (our basic model) will outperform any competing kick scooter out there and is guaranteed to evoke "wows" from anyone who rides it. It also looks really sweet. In fact, the majority of the industrial designers at Lunar Design (the firm that did the original design) have bought Ultra Cruz models. These are very picky, aesthetically sensitive folks. This is all to say that you can't go wrong with the Ultra Cruz. If bucks are tight, this is definitely the way to go. The Ultra Cruz comes standard with an ergo pin and our ultra wheels.
Composite of the Xootr Mg deployed and folded
Xootr Mg. The Xootr Mg is our newest and most advanced push scooter. It's the "Mg" (we say "em - gee") because the deck and frame are an integral magnesium casting. Magnesium looks a lot like aluminum, but is 1/3 lighter. We powder coat the deck either black, blue, or red and then CNC machine the "dots" for traction and for bright visual accents. It's a stunning piece. Magnesium is not just for show. The Mg is quite a bit lighter than the equivalent sized Xootr Street. Because of structural efficiency, we're able to get the deck more than a centimeter lower to the ground (with the same ground clearance) for more efficient kicking. Why is the Mg less expensive than our CNC-machined
kick scooters
? Frankly, it costs us less to make...so even though it's our most advanced foot scooter, we are pricing it near the bottom of our line to make it available to as many people as possible. Naturally, the Mg comes standard with an ergo pin and our ultra wheels.
Composite of the Xootr Roma deployed and folded
Xootr Roma. The Xootr Roma is our lightest kick scooter and offers the smallest deck in our line-up. The deck is CNC-machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminum just as the Venus and Street models. Due to the narrow deck, kicking efficiency is improved because your kicking foot can be close to the centerline of the push scooter. The narrow deck also creates a compact folded configuration for tight subways or buses.
Composite of the Xootr Venus deployed and folded
Xootr Venus. The Xootr Venus offers our most intricate deck and is sized between a Roma and a Street. The deck is CNC-machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminum similar to the Street model. The Venus has improved "kickability" over the Street due to its narrow mid-section. If you are seduced by craftsmanship and like a techie look, the Venus may be just what you are looking for.
Composite of the Xootr Street deployed and folded Xootr Street. The Xootr Street is the "tank" in our lineup. The Street model is a unique artifact. The deck of the Street is machined by a computer-numerically controlled (CNC) machine tool from a solid block of 6061 aluminum. We start with a 10 lb. (4.5 kg) block of aluminum and we remove all but less than 2 lbs. of it (and then recycle the scrap...). This is a pretty rare thing to do in these days of stamp-it-out mass production; designers and engineers in the know gasp when they see the bottom of the deck.
Photo showing the detail on the underside of a Street deck
Time for some honesty here. Are the Roma, Venus, or Street models better than our Mg? Yes and no. These kick scooters are slightly stronger. That is, they can be driven over by a truck and they don't bend. This is only relevant if you weigh more than 200 lbs and like to jump your scooter (which we strongly advise you not to do). They have a unique look, which is a matter of preference. On the down side, the Street and Venus are a bit heavier than the Mg and the deck is slightly higher, which requires slightly more knee bending for kicking. On balance, the Mg is probably a higher performance rig unless you're a big ol' stunt rider and are worried about busting a scooter. Our CNC-machined scooters cost a bit more because making them requires a lot of time on a very expensive machine tool.