How To Fold The Xootr Swift

Step 1: Loosen the two quick-release levers clamping the seat post.
Step 2: Place your foot behind the rear wheel, and retract the post almost all the way.
Step 3: Rock back on the handlebar to allow the rear end to pivot under the main tube.

Step 4: Push the seat post back down, allowing it to rest against the rear wheel and re-clamp the top lever.

Note: If you need to roll the Swift (say through your office lobby) lock the post just above the rear wheel, pull back on the handlebars and roll the Swift on the rear wheel.
If you need to take a bit more size off the folded package, just pop off the handlebar assembly as shown here by loosening the quick-release lever at the bottom of the riser. If you need the bike to get even more compact, you can pull out the seat post and/or remove the front wheel. Hint: when you reverse these steps to deploy the bike, you can usually quickly adjust the seat height by just lowering it to the height of your hip bone while you are standing next to the bike.

We have taken the measurements of the Swift in different folded configurations for you to check out.

One of the nicest things about the Swift is that it can go in the trunk of the car in a few seconds and without any kind of bike rack. This lets you take your bike with you with on a whim, or lets you keep a bike in your car for when you need to park some distance from your destination.

The TrusFold system allows your bike to go where you go with a minimum of fuss, and with essentially no performance sacrifices.

Air Travel
Most airlines will let you check a small cardboard box like the Swift shipping carton, especially if it is not identified as a bicycle. (For some strange reason, airlines have chosen to alienate bicycle riders by shamelessly singling them out for excess baggage charges.)

If you prefer, you may pack your Swift bike in a large hard-shell suitcase like a Samsonite "Oyster". You can usually find one of these on eBay for under $100. See the suitcase packing instructions for details.

Save your original shipping carton. It's a nice way to transport your bike. Here's how to pack your bike:
  1. Remove the pedals with a 15mm pedal wrench.
  2. Unclamp and remove the front wheel
  3. Unclamp and remove the seat post
  4. Unclamp and remove the stem riser tube (vertical tube holding handlebar).
  5. Put the bike in the box, padding well. Pay particular attention to the derailleur. In fact, you may want to remove the derailleur to avoid it getting whacked.