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Xootr Swift Folding Bikes

super stable, rigid TrusFold frame system
Colors: MM

If you are looking for a bicycle that can handle the majority (if not all) of your cycling needs, we believe the Xootr Swift is it. Why, because not only have customers used our folding bike navigate through the urban jungle, it has been used to tour through Europe and as a race trainer while commuting to work. This unique level of versatility is achieved due to industry standard parts being used on the Xootr Swift Folding Bike. You can easily customize, upgrade, and repair the Swift with components found at your local bike shop. The Xootr Swift bikes ride like real bicycle due to its classic frame angles and wheel base. The ride is essentially like that of a "hybrid" bicycle with the advantage of compacting into an easy-to-store configuration. Once you ride the Swift, you would never know that it is a folder.

When comparing the Xootr Swift to other folders such as Dahon, Birdy, Bike Friday, or Brompton, note the weight limit and sizes supported. Not only does the Swift TrusFold frame accommodate a wide variety of sizes, it has been used by some over our tested 260 lbs. limit without any issues in an effort to exercise while commuting to the office. We stand behind our folding bike frame with a lifetime warranty. We believe the Xootr Swift Folding Bike is the strongest and most convenient folder on the market. It is extremely quick and easy to fold for daily use in order to stow on the subway, bus, or the office; however, the Swift can be packed in a suitcase should you want to take it with you for an extended trip. Whether you’re touring another country or making the trek to work, these folding bikes are sure to make your ride enjoyably efficient.

Should you have any questions, perhaps it is answered in our commonly asked questions or do not hesitate to contact us.