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Swift Carry Bag Packing Instructions

The instructions provided below is just our way of packing the Swift in the soft carry bag. Feel free to experiment with it to find a routine that works best for you.


  1. Begin by folding your Swift. To get the Swift into the bag, it is necessary to remove the front wheel. Loosen the QR lever for the front wheel and remove it. Rotate the handle bars 180 degrees clockwise (from the rider's perspective). Loosen the QR lever on the riser, but do not remove it yet.
  2. Place the rear wheel into the bag as far as it will go. You may find it easier to pack the Swift if you disconnect one side of the shoulder strap and put it aside.
  3. Now you can remove the riser. Notice in the picture how the handlebars are located. This will allow the grips of the handlebar to lay along the top tube.
  4. Lifting up slightly on the rear of the bike (we found lifting on the cross bar just in front of the rear brake the best place) and pull the front of the bag over the fork.
  5. Place the front wheel in the bag. In the picture we placed it in the rear of the bag behind the right pedal by the derailleur.
  6. Place the seat post in the bag. In the picture we placed the point of the seat down and in the middle front of the bag.