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Xootr Swift


Watch the youTube video which shows how to unpack and setup your Swift.

Xootr Swift - $799.00 (free shipping within cont. US)

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image of Swift overlayed onto regular non-folding bike
The Swift has essentially the same geometry and wheelbase as a typical "hybrid" bicycle. Rides just like a regular bike. Frame Geometry
image of first step in folding the Swift
Patented design incorporates ingenious TrusFold system. The seat post rigidly locks the frame into position. Folding/Packing
image BMX rider Dave Mirra getting some air.
Uses a "BMX" size (406mm) wheel. Bulletproof. Lots of standard tires fit the rim. Wheels
Xootr Swift Foldable Bike Details
The Xootr Swift folding bicycle is a great bicycle which happens to fold. The Xootr Swift is a real bike with classic frame angles and wheelbase. It rides like a real bike. For most people it can be your only bike. It happens to get quite compact in about 10 seconds. This is very useful if you need to pop your bike in your car...or take it in an elevator...or carry it on a train. It will also pack into a standard suitcase (e.g., a Samsonite hardshell suitcase) with about 15 minutes of your time, so you can take it with you when you travel. We have gone to great lengths to make the hard decisions for you. You need only provide us with some information about your size and we will configure your Swift at the factory to meet your needs.

We are bicycle enthusiasts at Xootr and we ride the Swift folding bicycle for pretty much all uses except off-road mountain biking and road racing (and honestly, we've done some racing on a Swift as well). We commute by bicycle all year on the Swift. We use the Swift for recreational riding. The Swift folding bike also makes an excellent family bicycle because it fits a wide variety of sizes.

The main advantages of Xootr Swift folding bicycles over a conventional bike are:
The main advantages of a Xootr Swift foldable bicycle over other folder bikes are:
Let us save you some time. If you're looking for tiny little bikes, folding to a minuscule size... one that will amaze your friends as you pull it out of its tiny little pocket pouch, then the Swift is not for you. The Swift gets fairly compact, but it is designed to be first and foremost a great bike on the road, not to be the tiniest bike on the market when folded up.

In unusual cases, you may need something special. For example, a Swift can be configured with a fixed gear (if you don't know what this is, you definitely don't want to know...). Or, you may expect to do an extended bike tour in the Alps and need super low gearing. In this case, you can build up your own Swift with our frameset or contact Peter at Design Mobility and he can set you up with a custom Swift. For 98 percent of our customers, none of the arcane technical details are relevant...you're going to be quite happy with the configuration we've optimized for everyday commuting and recreational riding. Furthermore, almost every single part on a Swift adheres to common industry standards. This means that everything from the chain to the headset to the seat can be swapped out. This gives you a lot of flexibility to configure your Swift to meet the nuances of your personal preferences.

Competitive folding bicycles include the Brompton, Birdy, Bike Friday, and Dahon. The big advantage over the Brompton folder bike is ride quality and full-size bike geometry. The big advantage over the Bike Friday is quick folding and value. The big advantage over the Birdy is weight, quick folding, and value. We believe the Xootr Swift folding bicycle is the lightest weight folding bike under $800. The Xootr Swift folding bicycle can be configured with many different transmission options and is built around highly standard bicycle components.