Winter Storage Tips

Winter Storage Tips

You don’t have to live in a small apartment or tiny house to appreciate the compact design and easy fold-ability of a Xootr or Swift, just like you don’t have to have a garage to keep it in. Urban environments present unique storage challenges, and when it’s winter you’ve got even fewer options. Below are several sweet foldable scooter and bike storage ideas for you to try out, perfect for small spaces. Easy to Store Anywhere You Go The whole point is to have a sturdy, reliable, and convenient … [Continue reading...]

Why You Need to Own a Swift Folding Bike


This article is directed at all the urban citizens making the tragic mistake of owning a traditional, non-folding bicycle. There have been many improvements made to bike design since the early 1800s, when bicycling as we know it became popular in Europe and the United States, yet the advent of the folding bike may be the most significant improvement in functionality in recent memory. When the benefits of the folding bike are explained and laid out, it becomes clear that, for the average city … [Continue reading...]

Xootrs in Iberia


Before starting our ten week trip to Spain and Portugal with our new Xootr bikes, we suffered serious anxiety over getting the bikes onto the airplane without paying for oversized luggage or a bike box. Second only to the airline concern was our worry over whether we would be able to use the bikes while the ship was in port during the cruise. We had read ambiguous comments about the latitude granted bikers on cruise lines. Fortunately, none of the imagined pitfalls came to pass. Can our Xootr … [Continue reading...]

Xootr Expands to a New Factory


Our staff did such a good job making a seamless transition that we hope our customers didn't even notice, but in October Xootr moved their kick scooter and folding bike operations to a new factory just a few miles south of Scranton in Old Forge, Pennsylvania. Our old building had been getting cramped and we have almost double the space at our new facility.We'll write more about our new home in an upcoming blog post. Old Forge is a fascinating small community that lays claim to having the … [Continue reading...]

How to Set Up a Serious Folding Commuter Bike

Recently one of my former students asked my advice on how to set up a folding commuter bike for daily, year-round use in Philadelphia. I had been inspired by a recent trip to Copenhagen to think about the ideal commuter bike, and so jumped at the chance to help her set it up. Here is the resulting rig. The modifications from a stock Xootr Swift folding commuter bike are as follows: Schwalbe Marathon tires. These tires have a Kevlar layer for puncture protection and a reflective side … [Continue reading...]

Bikes Abroad – Europe’s Best Biking Cities

Bikes Abroad – Europe’s Best Biking Cities

Copenhagen Unlike many larger European cities, Copenhagen has a very noticeable absence of automobiles. Instead, bikes - lots of bikes -flood the streets. Folding bikes, commuting bikes, and bikes of every description are in use by the fifty percent of Copenhagen inhabitants who commute by bicycle daily. In fact, Copenhagen has more bikes than inhabitants. With such a vast number of bicycles, separate lanes for them to travel in are a staple of the Danish infrastructure. There are over 400 … [Continue reading...]

5 Reasons You Should Try Cycling Tourism

Karl taking part in the bicycle culture in Copenhagen

Ever wanted to try cycling tourism? There are a lot of reasons whyyou should indulge, Why you should try cycling tourism! It’s Active How many of us fear gaining weight when we travel? Between the extra meals at restaurants, drinks and generally being in ‘relaxation mode’ it is easy to pack on a couple pounds during your vacation. However, incorporating cycling into your travel plans is an easy, fun way to exercise while traveling. Most times on the road, there is limited access to … [Continue reading...]

How did Copenhagen create a bicycling culture?

Karl taking part in the bicycle culture in Copenhagen

This month, I dropped my son off for a fall semester of study abroad in Copenhagen. One of the most striking features of the city is the bike culture. About half of Copenhagen's residents use a bicycle on any given day. This is remarkable because although Copenhagen is flat, is cold in winter, gets a lot of rain, has nasty winds, and is full of narrow streets. One might assume that the city has a very long history of bicycle use, going back to say the 1900s when bicycles first became widely … [Continue reading...]

How to Fix a Folding Bike Chain

Polished Xootr Swift

First, let me note that there is actually nothing special about fixing a folding bike chain. It's the same as fixing a chain on any bike. As far as I know, there are few if any folding bicycles with special chains. Folding bike chain philosophy My philosophy is that you should replace your chain once per year. If you do that, it is highly unlikely you'll ever wear one out, or be left stranded on the side of the road with a broken chain. I like to change mine at the transition to daylight … [Continue reading...]