A Tale of Two Kick Scooters – the Xootr Mg vs. the Xootr Roma


People come in all different shapes and sizes and lead a variety of different lives, so they have different needs. Each person has their own tastes and preferences when choosing a car, house or any other purchase, so it follows that the same would hold true for choosing the perfect scooter. This article will profile two of Xootr’s most popular kick scooters, the Mg and the Roma in the hopes of guiding the individual in choosing the right kick scooter for them.  Xootr Mg vs. the Xootr … [Continue reading...]

Optimizing Your Swift – Our Favorite Folding Bike Parts


Though we only sell the Xootr Swift in one configuration, a setup that the majority of riders really enjoy, we also recognize that many of our customers enjoy modifying and improving their bike. For this reason, we have made a conscious effort to insure our folding bike parts conform to industry standards. This allows our customers to add their own seat, pedals, tires, headsets or pretty much any folding bike accessory the heart may desire, creating the optimized build for each individual. We … [Continue reading...]

The Swift – A Great Hybrid Bike that Happens to Fold

Polished Xootr Swift

The Xootr Swift folding bike folds using our quick fold technology, it uses a smaller wheel, and it looks a little different. With these differences present, we often get asked if the Swift feels strange to ride. We believe that any new bike is going to have an adjustment period, but ultimately the Swift’s ride is very similar to a hybrid bike you might buy that does not fold. The Xootr Swift folding bike is clearly not your average bicycle. In terms of speed, the Swift’s unique design … [Continue reading...]

The Xootr Kick Scooter Lineup

The Xootr Kick Scooter Lineup

We at Xootr work everyday to bring our customers the highest level of quality found in a kick scooter. Each of our kick scooters represents our commitment to durability, sleek design and uncompromising performance. Though these elements can be found in all of our models, there are still unique qualities in every style of kick scooter we produce. This article serves as a guide to what we offer, in the hopes of helping prospective customers figure out which model is best for them. Xootr Ultra … [Continue reading...]

Xootr as a Kids Kick Scooter


Xootrs are great kids kick scooters. Though our scooters are designed to handle the weight of a full grown adult, they work equally well for kids and teenagers. As a kids kick scooter, Xootr represents a durable, safe option. Where other kids kick scooters might not stand up to the rigors that young riders put their scooters through, Xootr is a proven tough product. Buying a Xootr as a kick scooter for kids means purchasing a product that will last as your child grows. The added durability that … [Continue reading...]

Why You Need to Own a Swift Folding Bike


This article is directed at all the urban citizens making the tragic mistake of owning a traditional, non-folding bicycle. There have been many improvements made to bike design since the early 1800s, when bicycling as we know it became popular in Europe and the United States, yet the advent of the folding bike may be the most significant improvement in functionality in recent memory. When the benefits of the folding bike are explained and laid out, it becomes clear that, for the average city … [Continue reading...]

Xootr Scooters – Built for Life


People who choose Xootr scooters do so because they want a scooter that delivers a smooth ride, a clean look, and a high quality riding experience. Without knowing it, they have chosen a scooter that is not only built to last, but grow with its rider. Xootr scooters are made with industrially strong aluminum ensuring their sturdy and durable nature. But because Xootr cares about their customers, they also fix damaged Xootr scooters and return them to their original condition! Accidents … [Continue reading...]

Why Kick Scooters are Perfect for the Entire Family


Each of us has our own unique relationship with our family - for better or for worse. With these special relationships come various practices and means of interaction through which families grow together and enjoy each other’s company. With that said, despite the fact that each family is unique, there are commonalities amongst the ways in which families spend time together. Popular methods of family interaction include: sporting events, regular family meals, vacations etc. Have you tried kick … [Continue reading...]

Lessons from Europe: How the United States can improve its cycling culture.


With the recent negotiations in Europe to establish the 2030 greenhouse gas reductions and commitment to renewable energy, the continent has placed itself at the forefront of the battle against climate change. The proposed 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and 27% growth in renewable energy have the potential to make a dramatic impact in the world of environmental conservation. While these changes will manifest themselves in several ways, one of the keys to Europe’s ability to become … [Continue reading...]

Bikes Abroad – Europe’s Best Biking Cities

Bikes Abroad – Europe’s Best Biking Cities

Copenhagen Unlike many larger European cities, Copenhagen has a very noticeable absence of automobiles. Instead, bikes - lots of bikes -flood the streets. Folding bikes, commuting bikes, and bikes of every description are in use by the fifty percent of Copenhagen inhabitants who commute by bicycle daily. In fact, Copenhagen has more bikes than inhabitants. With such a vast number of bicycles, separate lanes for them to travel in are a staple of the Danish infrastructure. There are over 400 … [Continue reading...]